Just Thinkin’ ‘Bout Stuff…

It is Christmas Day.  Where DID this year go?  Seems like just yesterday it was opening day of a much-anticipated college football season; Greg & I were strolling around Seaside, Fl, on our yearly week in paradise, awaiting the “Bristol Bowl” kick-off.  And now we are discussing which day to take down the Christmas tree???

It is 70 degrees in the Georgia mountains on this December 25th.  It is 4:22 pm. I just finished pruning the climbing roses near the front porch. They look like the want to start setting buds, it has been so warm this week!  Unbelievably, I am now sitting in a short-sleeved t-shirt, on the front porch, writing the inaugural post of this blog. Since it is officially happy hour, I am sipping a glass of Chardonnay, as well.  Hopefully, that will grease the skids and encourage my literary muse to assist in this endeavor.

As I sit outside and take in the view of my surroundings, I think about how the purchase of this house was a necessity, rather than a choice.  These surrounding 7 acres are a place we now think of as “sacred land”.

In 2011, we needed a rural home that could comfortably house us as well as a recently widowed parent.  I happened upon a real estate ad for a foreclosed 4000+ square foot run-down, very crappy house.  After surviving a Fannie Mae closing, we were the owners of a veritable broken-down  money pit! Funny how a place like that, purchased out of desperation, far away from inner city haunts we loved & dearly missed early on, became indelibly entwined in the fabric of our lives, and became our forever HOME.

In less than 2 weeks, I will be leaving this place I love in search of an elusive cure to a disease that has literally crippled me, and turned me into someone I no longer identify as ME. I have Lyme disease, and some indications of multiple sclerosis (MS), as well.  Some doctors believe they are one & the same disease. MS is not so much a disease as it is a compendium of symptoms.  MS, quite literally, means “multiple lesions”; not exactly definitive, huh?

In my opinion, traditional medicine is pretty well clueless regarding the best ways to treat Lyme & MS.  Its only recourse is to prescribe antibiotics and trial medications that promise great results, but also deliver debilitating side effects. I guess it is clear that my patience with doctors is at an all time low. I have decided to try non-invasive, homeopathic treatment methods instead.  Fingers crossed  that the clinic I have chosen can work it’s magic on me during their 3-month treatment plan.

Well, if I piqued your interest with my random thought patterns, then hopefully, you will continue to check out more of my posts. No doubt, I will be as surprised as you are by the content of some of them…