I walked today.  I just called Greg, & surprised myself by bursting into tears during the delivery of the great news.

I have been in Connecticut for 22 days now.  My first treatment at the laser clinic was on Jan 11th.  I am going into my 3rd week of treatment, and the results are nothing short of amazing.

The treatment’s medicinal routine is a pain in the butt. Every several hours, I must put on my “mad scientist” hat and mix foul tasting tinctures, designed to kill the Lymebugs, their biofilm, & the Candida yeast infection that always accompanies this horrible disease.  Then, it’s a full day of rubbing creams into my skin, swallowing tons of supplements, downing foul-tasting powdered drinks. and drinking enough water (with more drops included, of course😝) to float the Queen Mary! No ice tea allowed…😩

The first Saturday on this regimen, I was in tears, & contemplating hopping the first plane home. Remembering the treatment installment payment made earlier that week made me reconsider. Am so glad I did.  Now it is just “hold your nose & think positive thoughts”.

The diet is something else altogether.  Everything that goes in & on my body must be organic. Shampoos, soaps, all goods must have no parabens, soy, hormones, sugar, etc. The first shopping spree for these items took hours (and a saddlebag of cash)! Reading labels takes a long time.  Goodbye to favorites such as Hellman’s mayo, Daisy sour cream, & Philadelphia cream cheese!

Finally, here is what the bi-weekly clinic visit consists of:

– 10 minutes on an oscillator (I call it the “fat shaker” 😂), while breathing in pure oxygen

– use of a hand-held cold laser that is placed on 6 specific body locations for 2 minutes  on each spot

– a foot bath that draws toxins out of the body. Description: feet are placed in a clean basin of water with an electronic device. Within minutes, the water is the color of weak coffee, and there are big chunks of black stuff swirling around on the surface.  Truly disgusting, but absolutely necessary for drawing out heavy metals & other environmental toxins

– 10 minutes lying in a laser bed, which is a tanning bed that has been retrofitted with laser rods

– an adjustment by Dr. Wine, the clinic’s chiropractic guru.

My sister generously drives me 2 hours each way twice a week to my treatments; she has a bit of an adversarial relationship with the good doctor. I think she considered the clinic’s regime akin to voodoo. (Dr. Wine confided to me that he thinks “my sister doesn’t get it”, meaning her hard line about my inability to walk, etc.) However, she is out with friends today, and hasn’t seen me motoring around the condo today.

I can’t wait to see her face!




4 thoughts on “Newsworthy…

    1. Thanks so much, BFF! I can hardly believe it. Of course, I am not walking unsupported’ am using a walker similar to the one I gave you.

      Hope you are feeling ok. Let me know.
      Love & 52xs

    1. Thanks. Can use lots of positive thoughts. Looks like this “wild hare” clinic idea will bear fruit. Good thing,
      ’cause if it doesn’t work, I’m out of ideas & money to spend on this disease.

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