Making assumptions…

…never works out well, does it?

It’s hard to imagine that the last entry on this blog was written while I was still in Connecticut.  I have now been home for almost a month and truly, it fees like I never left!

I remember introducing you to a puppy already known to us as Bella.  That lucky girl had a brand new bed and pristene toys waiting for her arrival. We assumed that she would be the new addition to our family, because the check was paid and the pick-up date was set.  That is, until Parvo virus spread through the litter that Bella was part of.  Bella was the second pup to be infected. 😫  Clearly, it was back to the drawing board.

The search for Bear’s sibling was awful.  I filled out numerous adoption applications, for dogs that all blended together in my mind.  Until we found Loghan.  He reminded us of a combination of our most wonderful Jack Russell terrier, Max, who died 3 years ago, & Bear.


The adoption process was going along swimmingly until the foster mom realized we have a doggy door that emptied into an unfenced yard. No amount of assurance that we would not, to the best of our ability, let some terrible fate befall Loghan, would change her mind. She almost had us building a fenced-in run that would take all weekend to construct, as well as a bunch of money we didn’t feel was necessary to spend.  (When Pip was a newly adopted puppy, he tunneled his way out of our fully fenced yard on a daily basis.  I spent most of my time herding him back home. He was only convinced that “home was best” the day a neighbor’s pit bull saw him as a tasty appetizer, and chased him down the street. Funny thing; the tunneling stopped immediately! 🤗)

Instead of building the run, Greg & I drove to Kennesaw yesterday to a Petsmart adoption.  Before we got there, we pledged to each other that we would only adopt if we found the perfect dog, or so we assumed. Within 5 minutes, we spied “Ben”, a beagle-pointer mix.  It turns out that Mostly Mutts, the shelter hosting the adoption event, was one that had already ok’d us as suitable pup parents.  Long story short, we were motoring back to Ellijay with Ben (aka “Zack”) in the back seat 2 hours later. My sister saw his picture and described him as a big Pip (boy, she can put a damper on any good time).  Greg said Zack reminded him of a miniature Smokey (UT’s blue tick hound mascot), an analogy I can happily live with.

Bear was at the vet’s in day care while we were “brother shopping”. We assumed, because he does so well with other pups, that the intro would be seamless. Boy, was he shocked when he returned home (& not in the best way) to find another dog intruding in his domain. Zack, who had immediately taken possession of Greg, was highly miffed at Bear’s presence around his new Dad. There were several instances which involved fur flying & gnashing of teeth, before an uneasy truce evolved.  Today, all is forgiven, and they are best of buds.  And, oh by the way, Zack is not even on a leash when he is outside. He follows Bear everywhere, and when he strays a little too far, “Zack, NO” brings him right back. And we don’t even have a run. Hmmm…😏

Since I have been home, my energy level is unreal. I work on projects from morning until night.  One of my latest and most favorite accomplishments is painting an ugly old pair of brown leather chairs


with chalk paint. I assumed the time was right to finish them and put them back into service in the new addition to the living room, because Bear doesn’t have any desire to sit in them. Greg moved the second one up and put it in place yesterday morning, before we left for Petsmart. They looked amazing!


Enter Zack, who over-indulged on a welcoming bowl of dog food.  He ralphed in (how did you guess?) the newly placed leather chair, of course.  Not just a little, either. We are talking a major load that ran down in every nook and cranny of the chair!  His stomach acid lifted some of the paint. Sigh. If that’s as bad as it gets,with a new pup, I can live with it. Got lots of leftover paint & clean brushes.


Welcome home, Zack! 🐶



2 thoughts on “Making assumptions…

  1. Welcome Home, Vicki and Zack!!! Glad to hear your energy has increased! If Zack continues to inhale his food, he might need another aka of Ralph!

    Great to hear from you !!

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